[VoiceOps] Call quality issue / survey

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208-301-5083<tel:208-301-5083>: Good quality. Sounds like a waveform codec.
208-301-5084<tel:208-301-5084>: Mostly unacceptable quality. Sounds like a vocoder codec.  Anyone that puts music at the start of an audio stream these days is simply begging for trouble.  No telling when your path is going to get xcoded down by someone in the (probably ever-changing) path.


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Test DID #1 208-301-5083<tel:208-301-5083> is much preferable in my opinion.  #2 has a loud click like Gabe pointed out and it ramps the volume up from nearly zero to an acceptable level after a few seconds.  #1 sets up faster and immediately achieves the same level.  That was fun.  Thanks

On Fri, Mar 8, 2013 at 8:55 PM, Nathan Anderson <nathana at fsr.com<mailto:nathana at fsr.com>> wrote:
Hey gang,

Let's play a game.  I have made two audio rips from two RTP captures I made of two phone calls through two different termination carriers to the same phone number (in this case, it happens to be to the IVR at City Hall of Fairbanks, AK).  I have temporarily allocated 2 DIDs for the purpose of this game, and depending on which one you call, you will either hear played back to you the recording of the call as it happened through one carrier, or through the other.

Whoever wants to participate, please place calls to both numbers (do it either from a landline or a G.711u VoIP session, please), and tell me which version of the recording you prefer, why you prefer it, and if you had to put it into words (which you do), how you would describe the difference between the two recordings.  I am not going to tell you which one I prefer nor which carrier terminated which recording (I'm actually not 100% sure yet in the case of one of them), or even which carriers are involved, at least until after I've gotten some feedback from you all first.

Basically, I'm trying to find out if I'm crazy, or if there really is a difference between the two recordings in terms of audio quality.  I say there is a stark difference.  I've had others tell me they can't hear it.  Maybe I have "golden ears". :-P

Here are the two phone numbers to call:


Alternatively, for those of you would like copies of the actual audio files to listen to, I can provide those upon request; just contact me off-list.


Nathan Anderson
First Step Internet, LLC
nathana at fsr.com<mailto:nathana at fsr.com>
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