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Tony Zunt tony.zunt at gmail.com
Sat Mar 9 18:24:21 EST 2013

Test DID #1 208-301-5083 is much preferable in my opinion.  #2 has a loud
click like Gabe pointed out and it ramps the volume up from nearly zero to
an acceptable level after a few seconds.  #1 sets up faster and immediately
achieves the same level.  That was fun.  Thanks

On Fri, Mar 8, 2013 at 8:55 PM, Nathan Anderson <nathana at fsr.com> wrote:

> Hey gang,
> Let's play a game.  I have made two audio rips from two RTP captures I
> made of two phone calls through two different termination carriers to the
> same phone number (in this case, it happens to be to the IVR at City Hall
> of Fairbanks, AK).  I have temporarily allocated 2 DIDs for the purpose of
> this game, and depending on which one you call, you will either hear played
> back to you the recording of the call as it happened through one carrier,
> or through the other.
> Whoever wants to participate, please place calls to both numbers (do it
> either from a landline or a G.711u VoIP session, please), and tell me which
> version of the recording you prefer, why you prefer it, and if you had to
> put it into words (which you do), how you would describe the difference
> between the two recordings.  I am not going to tell you which one I prefer
> nor which carrier terminated which recording (I'm actually not 100% sure
> yet in the case of one of them), or even which carriers are involved, at
> least until after I've gotten some feedback from you all first.
> Basically, I'm trying to find out if I'm crazy, or if there really is a
> difference between the two recordings in terms of audio quality.  I say
> there is a stark difference.  I've had others tell me they can't hear it.
>  Maybe I have "golden ears". :-P
> Here are the two phone numbers to call:
> 208-301-5083
> 208-301-5084
> Alternatively, for those of you would like copies of the actual audio
> files to listen to, I can provide those upon request; just contact me
> off-list.
> Thanks,
> --
> Nathan Anderson
> First Step Internet, LLC
> nathana at fsr.com
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