[VoiceOps] 711 relay

Nathan Anderson nathana at fsr.com
Wed Mar 20 17:25:32 EDT 2013

Question for other ITSPs out there: what are you doing for 711 TTY relay services?

I know so little about this area it's sad.  Are we supposed to either staff our own relay staff, pass them off to a third-party relay service, or pass the calls off to a state-provided service?  Can this be done with a third-party service a-la what 911Enable and friends do for 911 PSAP routing?  What companies out there provide services like this?

If the states you provide service in have an 800 number for connecting to a state-run relay service, can I simply translate 711 to the appropriate 800 number and terminate the 800 call as I normally would?


Nathan Anderson
First Step Internet, LLC
nathana at fsr.com

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