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Nathan Anderson nathana at fsr.com
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Sure, and it's a good idea and I'm not outright opposed to implementing it (811), especially if it is as easy as it sounds like 711 is going to be (look up NPA of caller, pick the right 800 number from the list, pass INVITE request on through to the term network).  But unlike with 911, where...

A) PSAPs don't necessarily keep a NANPA number on hand that, if called from the PSTN, would be routed to the PSAP in *exactly* the same way a 911 call is routed, and

B) even if A were not true, for people in a crisis/emergency, timing is critical and it is not reasonable to expect people to take the time to look up their local emergency number in order to dial it

...in the case of both 711 and 811, I really don't think it is entirely unreasonable to expect that people look up a local access number for the service in question and dial that directly instead.  711 and 811 are just shortcuts of convenience, and any call center that receives a call destined for one of those numbers has a toll-free number that could be dialed to reach the exact same people.  So maybe this makes me a cold, heartless bastard, but I think that federally mandating either one of these shortcut numbers is kinda silly.

Also, never having used 711 before, can someone explain something else to me?  If someone dials 711, and they request to be connected to a long-distance number, does the state that runs the relay service eat the toll charges?  Or do they get charged back to the caller using the relay service, and if so, how?  And if not, isn't this a system just ripe for abuse?


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That's between you and your regulatory agencies you feel regulate you, 
but I consider it a mandate if for no other reason than "I have cables 
under there and I don't want my customers digging them up".

On 03/20/2013 05:41 PM, Nathan Anderson wrote:
> Thanks.  Right now the only N11 we accept calls for is 911, which of course is not "simply translating."  So I don't really have a firm grasp on how the other N11 numbers are typically handled.
> AFAIK we are not legally obligated to provide access to any N11 services other than 911 and 711, right?
> -- Nathan
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> Check with your upstream peer, the big vendors will already have you covered.
> Otherwise, you simply translate like all the other N11 numbers.
> David
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> Question for other ITSPs out there: what are you doing for 711 TTY relay services?
> I know so little about this area it's sad.  Are we supposed to either staff our own relay staff, pass them off to a third-party relay service, or pass the calls off to a state-provided service?  Can this be done with a third-party service a-la what 911Enable and friends do for 911 PSAP routing?  What companies out there provide services like this?
> If the states you provide service in have an 800 number for connecting to a state-run relay service, can I simply translate 711 to the appropriate 800 number and terminate the 800 call as I normally would?
> Thanks,

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