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Nathan Anderson nathana at fsr.com
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How do you do the translations?  Do you simply look at the number of the caller and assume that they are calling from the state that their NPA belongs to?  What if the customer has a DID from one state but is physically located in another?  Do you consult their on-file E911 address to determine what number to send the call to?

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		That's between you and your regulatory agencies you feel regulate you, but I consider it a mandate if for no other reason than "I have cables under there and I don't want my customers digging them up".

	Ugh, a mandate I was unaware of.  For an ITSP with customers nationally, that's going to be a bit of a challenge.

	How do most of you handle routing this?

The Common Ground Alliance publishes a state by state list here: http://www.call811.com/state-specific.aspx

They're all toll free numbers and usually 1 number per state so digit translations are easy.

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