[VoiceOps] +44 190 prefix

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Sat Mar 23 13:47:01 EDT 2013

>If I understand UK prefixes properly, wouldn't you actually be drop the 1
>before looking? +44 9 or 90 or 904?

No, the trunk code in the UK is 0 which you don't dial on incoming
international calls.

Geographic UK numbers start with 1 or 2.  I'm fairly sure that there
are no premium or other exotic numbers in those ranges, so there's no
point in putting anything longer than +441 in a rate table.

The division between the city code and the local number varies
depending on the initial digits, although the codes that start 19 are
all four digits.  There's a variety of city codes starting with 190,
most of which date back to letter codes that map to 90, including

01900 — Workington (WO)
01902 — Wolverhampton (WO)
01903 — Worthing (WO)
01904 — York (YO)
01905 — Worcester (WO)
01908 — Milton Keynes, Wolverton (WO)
01909 — Worksop (WO)

I agree this is probably someone war dialing for abusable PBXes or the


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