[VoiceOps] Odd "TOS violation" op intercept?

April Jones april at teliax.com
Sun May 26 20:11:07 EDT 2013

No, none of my vendors shared the information nor did I find a common
thread on my own. The reports subsided mid-week as everyone slowly routed
away. The suspects were Google Voice, MagicJack (Ymax), and apparently
CenturyLink though that last one would really surprise me.

It's issues like these that can make or break my trust with vendors and
determine which routing groups, if any, they are placed in. I have some
customers who would pull traffic immediately upon receiving such an
intercept message, and I can't really fault them for doing so. At the same
time, the trouble seemed to be so widespread that the nonchalance some
customers and vendors exhibited in dealing with it was kind of refreshing.
It was treated as more of a "yup, telecom" moment than Verizon outages.
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