[VoiceOps] Verizon T.38

Jared Ball jaredball1 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 19 14:40:18 EDT 2013

Does anyone have an experience with T.38 Interoperability with Verizon?  I
have eight different telephone numbers in different area codes \ prefixes.
Some re-invite T.38 and other re-invite G.711 only.  I've done multiple
tests with consistent results.

Bad numbers:

Good numbers:

I have a trouble ticket open with Verizon.  I can tell from the SIP
signalling that they are using Sonus but it isn't clear whether their
configuration and support for T.38 is uniform across their platform.

Is Verizon's support for T.38 usually consistent?  I have a Ditech PVP that
I can use for transcoding.  Should I just assume that I'll need to
transcode some of the time?  My Fax Server is T.38 only and will rejects
calls with "488 Not acceptable here".  My Ditech PVP is end of life so if
transcoding is a requirement I may be looking for a new transcoding
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