[VoiceOps] Red Hat 6 and Broadsoft

Zak Rupas zak at simplesignal.com
Tue Apr 29 17:25:43 EDT 2014

Good Afternoon VoiceOPS Family-

We have identified numerous issues with installing successfully Broadsoft
R17SP4 on RH server 6.5. If anyone would like to have my notes or review
contact me off list. Here is a short list of issues we are working on and
were unable to get R17SP4 to function on RH6.5

1. Yum package versions interfere with Times Ten and Apache loading or
working properly. (Example ksh.x86_64 20120801-10.el6_5.4 kills Times Ten
from installing)
2. There are changes you have to make to Linux files for R17SP4 to install
(Example: root#>nano /etc/selinux/config -> change SELINUX=enforcing to
3. There are 4 patches required by Broadsoft to get R17SP4 to work properly
and for Broadworks to start (AP.platform.17.sp4.197.ap159867

AP.platform.17.sp4.197.ap169584 - AP.platform.17.sp4.197.ap182890 -
4. There are known issues with specific versions of the swmanager from
Xchange that cause REFRESH failures and wont allow you to install patches
at all. If you hit this bug your sunk as Broadsoft wont Start or Stop)
5. There are specific commands required to fix the system so it wont crash
that are not documented and required to get Broadsoft to function like the
following examples:

ln -s /usr/lib64/libssl.so.1.0.1e /lib64/libssl.so.4

 ln -s /usr/lib64/libcrypto.so.1.0.1e /lib64/libcrypto.so.4

6. We have also located and identified issues like ssl keys not being
exchanged and replication not working across servers as well as bwadmin
user issues post install with no changes made during the pre and post
install phase.

So needless to say we have a long way to go to get this all fixed and
running as it should. So if anyone out there wants to compare notes and has
RH6.5 with R17SP4 and is looking to upgrade to R19SP1 or R20 let me know

I hope this helps the community and always here to help. If there is anyone
out there that does *professional services for Broadsoft thats a third
party* please contact me off list.


Zak Rupas
VoIP Engineer
Anywhere: 303-242-8606

On Tue, Apr 15, 2014 at 3:06 PM, Zak Rupas <zak at simplesignal.com> wrote:

> Anyone running a version of Broadsoft R17SP4 or higher on Red Hat 6.5?
> Please sine some light if you are?
> Thanks
> Zak
> --
> Zak Rupas
> VoIP Engineer
> *SimpleSignal*
> Anywhere: 303-242-8606
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