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On 8/1/2014 10:38 AM, John at intelechoice.us wrote:
> Everyone's welcome to their own opinion. I would venture to say 99% of 
> VoIP is on some type of asterisk platform.
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Well, RC and 8x8 are built off Asterisk or FreeSwitch  and they account 
for a lot of noise, but not a lot of lines. The largest CLEC in the US 
is actually Comcast. Comcast has the most VoIP and it comes off 
Broadsoft, SBCs and ALU.
Level3 is the VoIP back-end for a number of ITSP's and it is Sonus and 
their own softswitch. (L3 built one of the first softswitches and owns a 
number of patents on it. Sprint, VZ, ATT, 8x8 all own patents for VoIP).
XO is atop 10 SIP provider and again BSFT.
VZ's SIP and VCE offering is on BSFT.
Cable's voice is all VoIP, but none of the top 8 MSO's use Asterisk.
The top ILECs all use Meta or BSFT or ALU.
Wind, EarthLink, Alaska are all on Meta.
Cellular calls are VoIP (and will soon be VoLTE off of ... BSFT).

Yes there are a couple of thousand (IOCs, MSOs, ITSPs, cellco) VoIP 
providers in the US and a majority of the ITSP market is Asterisk, but a 
majority of VoIP lines is not Asterisk.

I don't work for BSFT. I consult to a number of regional and larger 
CLECs on HPBX and other product launches.


Peter @ RAD-INFO
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