[VoiceOps] Multi Tenant Commercial Softswitch Besides Broadsoft

John Curry John at InteleChoice.us
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Other considerations (cost)


An Asterisk 1U server sotswitch will comfortably handle 100 concurrent
calls, as a business grows Additional 1U Servers are added. If a 1U switch
would crash, automatic failover to other 1U load balanced softswitch
servers. Because of the lower cost entry redundancy in multiple Co-locations
is easily accomplished. Live CDR can be pushed to the billing product of
your choice.


A class 4 or 5 tandem switch is very expensive. Multiple co-location is next
to impossible unless you have seven digits to invest.



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I'm a new member to the group and happy to contribute to this thread.


For background purposes, Metaswitch has hundreds of service providers
globally using our carrier-grade platform to deliver a complete Class 5,
Trunking, and Hosted PBX solution and Accession UC Client to a broad range
of enterprise customers.  We also have a number of service providers who
offer a wholesale "whitelabel" offering as well.  


I'll be happy to address specific questions about the breadth of our
solution.  Suffice it to say that service providers, large and small, are
winning in the market with our feature set.  We are also deployed in service
providers who offer the same enterprise offering alongside those which is
built on other vendors' platforms (as a result of M&A).  In other scenarios,
service providers have opted to completely migrate from other platforms to


In other cases, we provide the Class 4, Media Gateway functions (we can talk
TDM and SIP), and/or SBC, which has been reviewed favorably by independent
analysts and the market alike and can be deployed on HW or virtualized as



Chris Carabello

Senior Director - Product Marketing







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