[VoiceOps] Phone Numbers with Calling Restrictions

Jay Ashworth jra at baylink.com
Wed Jan 22 15:00:08 EST 2014

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> From: "Jay Hennigan" <jay at west.net>

> It sounds like what Tim is reporting is not the inability to *place*
> LD calls from that TN, but the inability for those outside the LATA to
> complete calls to it.

Correct; that's what he's got.

Incoming calls to the DN from the PSTN block.

> When you ported the number, wass there an option to disable that
> special service code or is it universal to the block regardless of LRN?
> And, did the customer have the same issue before the port?

And -- and this is the kicker -- that block instruction is an Object.

Who owns it, and where does it live?

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