[VoiceOps] Phone Numbers with Calling Restrictions

Jay Hennigan jay at west.net
Wed Jan 22 14:29:03 EST 2014

On 1/22/14 10:13 AM, Tim Donahue wrote:
> David,
> Just to clarify, the question I was asking has no bearing on the LD
> calling for the number.  This is a number that we ported to our service
> for a client, and calls were failing when the incoming call was a LD
> call.  We found out while trying to diagnose the routing problem that
> there are dialing restrictions on the entire exchange to limit these
> numbers to intralata traffic only.
> After some off-list conversations, I did some digging into the
> documentation for the LERG and found that there is a "Special Service
> Code" that shows when a block of numbers has been designated for
> intralata calls only, and there are over 1400 blocks of numbers with
> these restrictions.

It sounds like what Tim is reporting is not the inability to *place* LD
calls from that TN, but the inability for those outside the LATA to
complete calls to it.

If this is the case, I have not run into such a situation before.  I'm
based in the Southern California area.

When you ported the number, wass there an option to disable that special
service code or is it universal to the block regardless of LRN?

And, did the customer have the same issue before the port?

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