[VoiceOps] Unallocated Number Behavior

Justin B Newman justin at ejtown.org
Thu Jul 10 20:17:01 EDT 2014

In the US, the FCC regulations, as well as most interconnection
agreements, generally codify a variety of Bellcore standards. Which
are reasonably clear about such things. Even more, one could make a
pretty good case for this as an example of access stimulation, without
regard to standards...

I can't speak to Canada.


On Thu, Jul 10, 2014 at 12:31 PM, Jared Geiger <jared at compuwizz.net> wrote:
> Are there rules/guidelines on how an unallocated number should respond?
> We are seeing unallocated numbers on a Canadian LEC, ISP Telecom, that in
> the 183 response it plays back "Unallocated Number. Please check the number
> and try again. Unallocated Number. Please check the number and try again."
> then the call answers with "Hello" and plays music on hold indefinitely.
> A sample is 1-289-999-9348.
> ~Jared
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