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NECA has a call testing project that has recruited lots of originating and
terminating carriers, but it's for call completion testing.


The issue you're facing is not unusual - we make a point, when turning up a
new NPA/NXX, to have a multi-week period of testing using as many different
carriers as we can. 


For those who confirmed failure, they ought to call their wireless carrier's
support line and open up a trouble.  In our experience that leads to
resolution 90% of the time in just a few days.




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Hi everyone,


I stumbled on this list recently and have been reading through the archives.
Thanks for all the information you've all shared.


We're a CLEC in Illinois and are in the middle of building a FTTH network in
our home town.  In December our exchange 217-777 was effective.  We're using
ANPI's Tandem service for our Feature Group D traffic and using our ILEC
(Consolidated Communications) as our intralata/local tandem.


No troubles on the Intralata/local terminating traffic, however, we're
having more and more reports of different people out in the world that can't
call our customers.


It started with AT&T Cellular, that's been resolved, then we heard from
Sprint PCS, that's been resolved.  Next was Comcast Business, that's been


Latest example is a caller from Texas who is on Time Warner Cable:


LRN: 12543004000

OCN: 583C

LATA: 556





When they call us they just get dead air.


I guess my questions are:  How long after the effective date in the BIRRDS
database do all of the switches get updated?  Is this a typical problem with
a new exchange/LRN?


A follow up question: is there a service out there that will originate calls
from many different telcos and if they fail, open up a ticket with that
carrier?  I'm running into roadblocks calling these carriers since I am not
a customer.


I've got a test number set up on 217-777-0001, "Thank you for Calling.  You
have reached a test number.  Your telephone number is. "  if there's anyone
out there who wants to give it a test and report back, fine by me.  It seems
the more information I have the better.


Thanks for listening,


Adam Vocks



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