[VoiceOps] Humans break things, was: Call established before...

Jay Hennigan jay at west.net
Mon Jun 16 17:39:48 EDT 2014

On 6/16/14 9:46 AM, Carlos Alvarez wrote:

> I had a funny echo problem in a call center (funny only because the
> days I spend trying to fix it were billable)...  We went through
> everything technical, and all my people were frustrated.  I went to
> the site and watched them work.  Turns out almost all the women would
> put the headset band behind their head to avoid messing up their hair,
> which put the ear pad at an angle relative to their ears.  They'd turn
> it to max to make up for that.  In this position, the ear pad was
> pointed directly at the microphone, which happily picked up the sound
> and repeated it.

Here's my humans-break-things story:


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