[VoiceOps] PDD: What's acceptable?

Jay Hennigan jay at west.net
Wed Jun 25 19:52:32 EDT 2014

On 6/25/14 12:19 PM, David Wessell wrote:
> I'm curious how everyone handles this.. Do you run reports and open
> tickets proactively with vendors that have high PDD? Do you just wait
> for clients to complain and than address specific numbers?

Some PDD to mobile numbers is to be expected, but most of our customers
are quite used to < 4 seconds for landlines and gripe if over 7 or so.

> I've recently been thinking about running reports and everything over 10
> seconds gets reported to the vendor in question. But I don't want them
> to hate me.

Is the vendor in question by any chance Bandwidth/Dash/Inetwork ?

We're getting really bad PDD from them recently, from 7 to 16 seconds to
Los Angeles NPA 213.

You think they would give us a 5XB ka-clunk-pop, some muted MF followed
by hiss, panel-clicks and a ker-chirp on answer if they're trying to
emulate the good old days.  :-)

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