[VoiceOps] Century Link Caller ID Issues...

Frank Bulk frnkblk at iname.com
Thu Mar 27 01:04:50 EDT 2014

Any of these customers still have a CenturyLink line at home or work?  If
you had one customer that could call CenturyLink tech support and own both
sides of the call I think you'd make progress.




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Does anyone know whom I can contact over at Century Link to deal with a
caller ID issue I'm running into? I've got several customers of mine that
are former customers of Century Link that are having problems calling into
people still with Century Link. Calls are failing with an intermittent error
claiming that we aren't sending them caller ID and the call is getting
blocked. Not sure of the percentage of calls that are failing this way
however it's pretty obvious that Century Link has got something
misconfigured on their side as I'm using the same carrier when calls are
failing and when calls are connecting.


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