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Tue May 6 15:03:36 EDT 2014

Greetings VoiceOpers,

There are a handful of US SIP carriers who offer the promise of doing
business in Canada with Canadian DID's. The challenge we've seen is that
when you call some toll free numbers from those Canadian DID's the call
gets blocked by the far end, presumably because the switching equipment is
in the US. No issues dialing the same numbers from the US.

We've attempted to deliver these calls over numerous different carriers
with the same results. Talking with some of these carriers, we're told this
is a known frustration and noone seems to have a way around it. The only
thing that has helped even a little is if the customer is willing to use a
toll free number as the Originating ANI, but even then it is spotty.

We're not trying to do any sort of toll bypass or anything unsavory. Just
want to be able to serve US customers who happen to also have some Canadian

Anyone have a solve for this?

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