[VoiceOps] Anyone else having issues with SIP and Comcast Gateways?

Todd Wolf twolf at unifiedtechnologies.com
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If it is on their DOCSIS 3.0 platform the only modems we founds that work are the UBEE model and we specify to their customers that they must request it specifically and then we have them set in bridge mode and disablee all SIP ALG settings

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Is anyone else getting issues with Comcast gateways like the ones below?




The symptoms are complete modem crash forcing a reboot after an extension to extension call gets placed. Calls that are placed in bound and out bound do not make the modem crash. There isn’t a way to turn off the SIP ALG on these devices either per Comcast and bridging them and putting our own equipment behind it still causes the issue. We ended up having to replace the modem supplied by Comcast completely and installing a supported device ourselves which worked.

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