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So are you saying Adtran's VQM or Edgewaters and everyone elses is really
your embedded engine? I know alot of opensource providers are using
VoIPMonitor as a solution. I believe this software collects stats form
devices like Polycom Phones that use your software.

I have notices that Polycom sells each phone with Voice QM enabled for a
dollar or two more. I assume you need this license to enable stats

On Wed, Oct 29, 2014 at 9:57 PM, Anthony Caiozzo <
anthony.caiozzo at telchemy.com> wrote:

> Chiming in from the vendor perspective here... Telchemy manufactures a
> variety of embedded and non-embedded applications that are focused on
> measuring voice, video and other real-time service application performance.
> Our VQmon software is the de facto industry standard, is P.564 Class 1
> compliant and serves as the cornerstone for many industry products that
> feature MOS scoring and associated diagnostics, such as Adtran (mentioned
> by
> Jay below) as well as Edgewater, Polycom, Cisco and a wealth of network
> measurement / management tools and applications.  A full list of vendors
> with products currently shipping can be found on our website -
> http://www.telchemy.com/partners.php.
> There are typically three methods employed to measure/report on
> call/session
> quality:
> 1. Measure live call quality @ the endpoint - typically achieved with an
> embedded performance analysis model (VQmon) baked into the device.
> Here's pointer to a joint solutions guide
> (
> http://community.polycom.com/polycom/attachments/polycom/technology-partner
> s/12/1/Telchemy-SQmediatorSolution%20Guide_01082013.pdf) that covers how
> we
> measure and report on EOL performance with Polycom, though there are a
> number of other IP endpoint vendors that support the rfc6035 distributed
> reporting model.  The benefit of this approach is being able to account for
> all impairments that affect your customer experience - but the downside is
> that sometimes you're measuring things (e.g. LAN performance) that you're
> not directly responsible for or have no control over.  However - at the end
> of the day - being able to understand what the net effect is of the total
> IP
> connection can certainly be of immense value.
> 2. Measure call quality @ the WAN demarcation point - typically achieved
> with:
>         a) a hardware probe (http://www.telchemy.com/appliances.php)
> passively analyzing live customer traffic - providing full call setup,
> teardown and media quality metrics
>         b) a software probe running on customer provided hardware
> (http://www.telchemy.com/sqprobe.php) passively analyzing live customer
> traffic - providing full call setup, teardown and media quality metrics
>         c) an active test agent (http://www.telchemy.com/dvqattest.php)
> generating synthetic voice, video and data transactions to create a profile
> of application performance and serve as a test head that can both probe the
> carrier network as well as the local LAN for real-time, proactive
> diagnostic
> purposes.
> Recalling that Kris was looking for a tool that enabled him to isolate WAN
> performance - it sounds as if our hardware/software probe line would make
> most sense for his application though collecting performance information
> from EOL devices certainly provides useful diagnostic information when one
> needs to provide empirical data as to which side of the WAN connection is
> causing the issue.
> Questions?  Happy to help however I can.
> -anthony
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> On 10/29/14, 3:45 AM, Kris Alberts wrote:
> > Hi
> >
> > Looking for a cost effective, easily deployed, useful passive monitoring
> > probe to be deployed at the customer prem for voip traffic monitoring.
> >  My main objective is to reduce MTTR and provide a clear demarcation
> > service for customers that supplies their own LAN. We use a variety of
> > CPE device (primarily Cisco though) so I will need to find an external
> > hardware probe that caters for all use cases.
> >
> > There seems to be a variety of solutions available so was hoping you
> > could share you experience on some of the solutions that you are using.
> > I really need to understand the extent to which the added visibility
> > optimised your product in terms of better support, fewer truck rolls
> > etc. All of these listed products claims to do just that.
> We use the Adtran TA900 series as a demarcation point, they are a very
> versatile SIP toolbox with huge feature set. They also do voice quality
> monitoring, can do packet capture, and can (but aren't required to)
> interface with Adtran's N-Command central server that can store
> historical data, back up configurations, etc.
> This isn't passive, but it provides very good monitoring in addition to
> PRI conversion, analog drops, SIP proxy, etc.
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