[VoiceOps] Bizarre Progress -> Answer when call is not yet answered (bandwidth.com issue?)

Peter Beckman beckman at angryox.com
Tue Nov 18 23:28:50 EST 2014

Calls for my customers work like this:

     Incoming DID -> Me -> Forward Call Termination

One of my customers complained this evening around 7pm EST that a pre-roll
message that plays immediately after they answer the call but before the
two call legs are connected wasn't being played.

When I started to investigate, I saw that the 2nd leg was getting a
183 Session Progress message, and almost immediately after a 200 OK,
indicating the call was answered. But the callee hadn't answered yet. And
because of that, the pre-roll message was being played, but not to the
answering party because THEY hadn't answered yet.

I tested the 2nd leg with 3 different termination carriers, all with the
same result.

In my tests the commonality was that the terminating numbers that saw the
immediate Progress -> Answer was that they were both Bandwidth.com numbers.

If people have some tests they can do on termination to Bandwidth.com
numbers and see if it is reproduceable, I'd appreciate it.

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