[VoiceOps] CPE side Passive Monitoring

Kris Alberts Kris.Alberts at is.co.za
Wed Oct 29 06:45:05 EDT 2014


Looking for a cost effective, easily deployed, useful passive monitoring probe to be deployed at the customer prem for voip traffic monitoring.  My main objective is to reduce MTTR and provide a clear demarcation service for customers that supplies their own LAN. We use a variety of CPE device (primarily Cisco though) so I will need to find an external hardware probe that caters for all use cases.

There seems to be a variety of solutions available so was hoping you could share you experience on some of the solutions that you are using. I really need to understand the extent to which the added visibility optimised your product in terms of better support, fewer truck rolls etc. All of these listed products claims to do just that.

Solutions that come to mind includes: Prognosis, Telchemy, Broadsoft PacketSmart, Flukenetworks and Appneta Pathview.

I need to evaluate in the lines of :

  *   Effectiveness as a demarcation service.
  *   Easy of deployment (hosted, SaaS model).
  *   Probe and licensing costing.
  *   Support portal granular stats in order to reduce MTTR.


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