[VoiceOps] CPE side Passive Monitoring

Faisal Imtiaz faisal at snappytelecom.net
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While this is not a full solution out of the box, we use Mikrotik Routers as smart dmarc. 
They come in many sizes,they are inexpensive and have a lot of functionality built into the Mikrotik ROS which allows us to be able to do a lot of troubleshooting on demand from remote. 

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> Hi

> Looking for a cost effective, easily deployed, useful passive monitoring
> probe to be deployed at the customer prem for voip traffic monitoring. My
> main objective is to reduce MTTR and provide a clear demarcation service for
> customers that supplies their own LAN. We use a variety of CPE device
> (primarily Cisco though) so I will need to find an external hardware probe
> that caters for all use cases.

> There seems to be a variety of solutions available so was hoping you could
> share you experience on some of the solutions that you are using. I really
> need to understand the extent to which the added visibility optimised your
> product in terms of better support, fewer truck rolls etc. All of these
> listed products claims to do just that.

> Solutions that come to mind includes: Prognosis, Telchemy, Broadsoft
> PacketSmart, Flukenetworks and Appneta Pathview.

> I need to evaluate in the lines of :

> * Effectiveness as a demarcation service.
> * Easy of deployment (hosted, SaaS model).
> * Probe and licensing costing.
> * Support portal granular stats in order to reduce MTTR.

> Thanks
> Kris

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