[VoiceOps] Toll Free as Outbound CLID

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I believe the proper solution here is the toll-free number goes in the Caller-ID header (P-Asserted or otherwise) and your From: field should carry the ANI (or the optional but rarely used ANI field). This works with most of our providers.

The issue is as Calvin has listed. You need to have knowledge of how to bill, and that’s especially important when the remote party is the one doing the billing. So ultimately, you need to send a non-TF number in the ANI header and the Caller-ID would have the Toll-Free number. This is allowed behavior with most carriers.

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>From the perspective of a wholesale VoIP provider, we do see Toll Free ANI causing some problems:

Routing - some carriers will reject these calls, which can result in traffic connecting at a higher LCR position and therefore less margin.
Rating - TF ANI may result in calls being billed under "indeterminate jurisdiction", which is typically the higher of the interstate and intrastate rates or some 3rd penalty rate.

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Hello everyone,

i'm just wondering if there is a legal/regulatory issue with having a TFN as the outbound CLID for a customer on our hosted platform(s).

On the broadworks, the system won't even allow for it.  However, on our M6, it doesn't really care.



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