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We always send a T1 crossover "box" made up of two jacks and a surface mount
box.   I finally started to do this because there is always some nimrod that
will break the tab off the crossover we sent and then they don't have the
means or brain power to make a replacement cable.  Doing the crossover box
allows them to use two straight cables which are pretty much always readily


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On 10/31/14, 11:35 AM, Alexander Lopez wrote:
> I have always done 1 to 4, 2 to 5.
> But as I read below this is incorrect. 
> To add further confusion,  google returns both as valid.
> So what is the correct one?

Technically, 1-to-5 and 2-to-4 is correct but either should work. The other
way swaps tip and ring which won't make a difference in this or most

Odd-numbered pins are tip, even are ring.  Mostly white conductors with
color stripes should go the odd pins (tip).

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