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That's exactly what we do. And the only other twist, since we work with a
lot of dialer traffic, is that the originator may hang up before
180/183/200 come through. So the whole 20-30 second non-connected call may
be PDD.

To operationalize the data and make it actionable, we measure prevalence of
8+second PDD (arbitrary) calls by provider. If it exceeds 20% (also
arbitrary) in any 15 minute interval we flag it, run some examples and send
to the NOC team to investigate/escalate with the provider.

We have just started doing this, and have gone from being driven by
client-reported issues to proactively chasing after providers to fix it…
and we are definitely starting to see some improvements, as well as

The hope is we can further tighten the parameters to keep the offending
calls to sub 10%.

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Our practice suggests that it's perfectly safe to measure time difference
between processing of initial INVITE and either (a) non-100 1xx response
(either 183+SDP or 180) or (b) final affirmative answer (2xx).

-- Alex

On 04/21/2015 03:45 PM, Calvin E. wrote:

> Regarding the other discussion of what PDD is in SIP signalling versus

> real human experience, it all depends what you're looking for and how

> you're willing to find it.


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