[VoiceOps] Broadsoft SCA

Colton Conor colton.conor at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 09:14:21 EDT 2015

We are using Broadsoft with Polycom VVX phones. We have noticed when we
have a seat that has a primarily phone and then a secondary Shared Call
Appearance phone, there are certain tasks on the primary phone that we can
not  do or see on the secondary SCA phone. I am trying to determine if
these are Broadsoft/Polycom limitations, or if we have something configured

For example.

1. If a call come in, both phones ring. If you pick the call up on the
primary phone, and then place the caller on hold, the secondary SCA phone's
line will flash. You can hit the flashing line, and resume the call on the
secondary SCA phone. However, we can't do the opposite. If a call come in,
and the call is picked up on the secondary SCA phone, and you place the
caller on hold, you see nothing on the primary phone's line. The line does
not flash, and there seems to be no apparent way to resume the call.

2. BLF's show up on the primary phone's screen, but not on the secondary
SCA's screen. Is that normal?

I am not to familiar with provisioning, but I know these phones are
provisioned using Broadsoft DMS. Does Broadsoft DMS have a different
template for a primary phone vs a SCA phone? If so I am thinking something
is missing on the SCA template that is on the primary.
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