[VoiceOps] IXC/LD No audio or delayed audio

Paul Timmins paul at timmins.net
Thu Apr 23 10:38:30 EDT 2015

NT/Inteliquent has always been awesome in helping narrow this down. If 
you haven't called them for fear of wasting their time, I strongly 
suggest it. AT&T is next to useless on FGD trunking no matter who you 
talk to. I usually can't even get them to tell me which carrier is 
attempting to terminate a call on me, pleading CPNI regulations.


On 04/23/2015 10:17 AM, Starr, Steve wrote:
> A growing number of IXC/LD calls inbound into us have either no audio 
> or delayed audio.  We are attempting to narrow down the common 
> carrier, but this is a difficult task. We have IXC trunks with 
> multiple providers.  So far it seems to be mostly our ATT trunks and 
> Neutral Tandem trunks.  ATT being TDM and Neutral Tandem being VoIP.  
> This leads me to believe it is an IXC carrier causing the trouble and 
> not circuit trouble. Also, it is just inbound.  When our customer 
> returns the call it is fine.  If the person calls our customers 
> tollfree it completes fine.
> Is anyone else experiencing the trouble?
> Does anyone have any contacts at ATT that might be able to assist?
> Thank you,
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