[VoiceOps] IXC/LD No audio or delayed audio

Starr, Steve steve.starr at daystarrfiber.net
Thu Apr 23 10:17:08 EDT 2015

A growing number of IXC/LD calls inbound into us have either no audio or
delayed audio.  We are attempting to narrow down the common carrier, but
this is a difficult task.  We have IXC trunks with multiple providers.  So
far it seems to be mostly our ATT trunks and Neutral Tandem trunks.  ATT
being TDM and Neutral Tandem being VoIP.  This leads me to believe it is an
IXC carrier causing the trouble and not circuit trouble.  Also, it is just
inbound.  When our customer returns the call it is fine.  If the person
calls our customers tollfree it completes fine.

Is anyone else experiencing the trouble?
Does anyone have any contacts at ATT that might be able to assist?

Thank you,

:: Steve Starr
:: Daystarr Communications
:: steve.starr at daystarrfiber.net
:: v - 989.720.6000
:: f - 989.720.6060
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