[VoiceOps] Future of the Traditional PSTN vs VOIP and VoLTE

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It has very little to do with actual Technology... it is a lot to do with Money, which is used to influence politics, which is used to influence regulations, which is used to influence business which is used to influence Money. 

To try to explain it any other way would be naive. Telecom (PSTN) is typically one of the top 3 or top 5 sources of revenue, economic activity, 'economic engine' for any nation in the world... and as such it is very tightly controlled. 

Yes, Technology developments are challenging the way the industry has been managed, however the battle still goes on in try to make a shift... which is going to happening, and will happen when and only when the folks whose lively hood has been threatened by the technological change either make enough money and get out (very unlikely) or are able to secure their financial futures by shaping regulations and or the business... 

It is a very complicated chess game... and oh if you think the ILEC's are fighting the VOIP (technology change) then think again, they are torn between openly embracing VOIP while using the PSTN as a front for collecting subsidies and continued influence of being able to change the laws..... 

We are seeing all kinds of interesting shenanigans from the ILEC's.... e.g. delivering POTS services, while billing it as VOIP...... 

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> Aloha Group,
> I'm curious to know others thoughts on where they believe the traditional PSTN
> is going vs VOIP and VoLTE. Now that Iconnectiv will be administering the LNP
> in the US I feel as though it's the best time to try and propose new or more up
> to date solutions that allow smaller carriers to operate.

> For example there is no charge to have the ability to port numbers in NPAC, but
> there is a monthly charge for the remote access to the NPAC. Then the
> interconnectivity at the LEC level. The archaic ways of telecom have not seemed
> to change much although VOIP is now in my opinion the standard of telecom. VOIP
> will soon be able to get code blocks and route via SIP vs SS7 and LERG. LERG,
> ASR/LSR, SS7 all systems owned by one monopolizing company.

> Erik F.

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