[VoiceOps] Fraud Management

Monterrosa Santiago smonterrosa at mcmtelecom.com.mx
Mon Feb 2 14:09:42 EST 2015

Hi Shaun

I have evaluated a solution that is good enough flexible for us, it is based 100% on SIP so it generates alerts pretty fast, almost online, and it has proved to catch irregular traffic which resulted in fraud calls so that we can block immediately; this way this system is better than the CDR based in house developed system we do use to detect irregular traffic. Such new solution is called Redshift from Redshift Networks by the way.


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Thank you for the info Glen.

We have done a POC on OCFM  (Oracle Communications Fraud Monitor; the old FDAP - Fraud Detection and Prevention) that relies on OCOM (Oracle Communications Operations Monitor; old Acme Palladion product) to feed into the OCFM server. We could not get the call correlation on OCOM to work properly without extensive changes to our existing infrastructure. The call correlation issues resulted in bad data fed into the fraud monitor and resulted in false positives.

Will have a look at the options below.


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Hi Shaun,

most systems work off CDR files (or Radius or Diameter steams) so are proprietary in what products they support (http://oculeus.com is one such system).  There are some products that are auto-learning based on SIP monitoring so are device independent.  http://tollshield.com is one of them and builds a network profile over several week to understand "normal" traffic patterns.  It can alert on variations of those patterns.  These systems requires monitoring ports whereas the CDR approach does not need SPAN ports.

Also there is a difference between systems that can alert on fraud on ones that can proactively shut off service to suspect devices.  The proactive ones are usually device specific and more expensive and raise the risk of false positives.



On 1/29/2015 11:19 PM, Shaun Gill wrote:
Hi Brad,

Neither - We are not using a product at this stage; using a combination of routing profiles (BSFT) and originating source IPs to block suspect traffic.


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Have you used the SIP or CDR based product?

On Thu, Jan 29, 2015 at 3:26 PM, Shaun Gill <Shaun.Gill at is.co.za<mailto:Shaun.Gill at is.co.za>> wrote:
Noted – I will be checking this out Jay.

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I have used the TransNexus solution for a long time.

Jay Cox
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Hi Guys,

Trying to get a feel for what fraud systems are out there for VoIP service providers; primarily using terrestrial mediums (such as metroE; diginet) with clients interconnecting via IP PBXs, voice gateways and IP phones.
We have had fraud to international premium destinations which we are restricting based on calling profiles and originating source IPs; but neither is truly scalable.
Subsequently we are looking for alternatives.


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