[VoiceOps] Lync, VPN and DNS?

Lee Riemer LRiemer at bestline.net
Tue Feb 3 11:21:28 EST 2015

What about a recursive BIND server which will return results from its hosts file but forward other queries to your internal DNS servers?  The hosts file would contain your overrides.

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> We have a corporate Lync environment with a large # of users hitting it via
> their VPN tunnels.  We've set up routing on the VPN client side to allow VOIP
> traffic to be routed over the public network rather than through the tunnel -- if
> we can just get the DNS lookups to return the public IP's instead of the internal
> IP's.
> We run BIND and I'm struggling to see a solution short of creating a special
> view or separate BIND server just for VPN clients in which I need to create
> many zone files to override the relevant Lync DNS records (one zone per record
> since unfortunately all of our Lync-related records live within our primary
> domain).
> Seems ugly and error prone.  Maybe BIND's RPZ could help?  Or maybe there's
> some simpler solution I'm missing.
> We also have F5 w/ GTM -- maybe some magic could be done there.
> Any thoughts/advice?
> Ray
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