[VoiceOps] Which Softswitch?

Carlos Lahrssen clahrssen at nexogy.com
Fri Jun 26 14:28:10 EDT 2015

We had the same situation going on when M6 was EOL by Broadsoft and they
wanted us to move into Broadowrks. Clearly, not an option if you want to
remain profitable.

After evaluating Freeswitch and Asterisk multi tenant version, Metaswitch,
Genband and Broadworks, we decided to move forward with NetSapiens and we
cannot be happier.

Let me know if you need any specific info that will help more.

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On Fri, Jun 26, 2015 at 11:53 AM, Peter Rad. <peter at 4isps.com> wrote:

> Alex, either way - open source or commercial - you have a dependency.
> I have consulted for many companies offering Hosted VoIP of all flavors in
> North America. What I have found is that most people serious about
> delivering a quality service go the commercial route for scalability,
> support, less risk and known quantity.
> The ones that go open source, generally tinker. They are more enamored
> with the tech than the service.
> I have clients that use a combo of switches - Acme or Sansay with Asterisk
> and Meta and Taqua and BSFT.
> In either scenario - open source vs. commercial - retaining talent is
> significant.
> It isn't like if you go open source all your problems are easily solved.
> And I have seen spectacular failures from companies that went cheap, went
> open and crashed, because the mentality was go open, it is inexpensive.
> However, there is overhead with that including knowing how to cluster for
> scale, which very few people know how to do effectively.
> There is nothing wrong with open source as long as the mentality is: I am
> going that route to save money and offer VoIP as cheaply as possible. That
> is a disaster.
> One last example: M5 before Shoretel bought them. They dumped M6/BSFT and
> built their own platform. The cost of the developers to keep the platform
> running and upgraded was just a little cheaper than the BSFT mafia vig.
> There isn't a way around the cost of putting together a carrier grade
> service delivery platform. You pay it one way or another.
> Just my 2 cents from over 10 years of consulting on VoIP.
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> "The clever ones get support contracts for core open source software from
> the open source software project"
> Oh, indeed. But it just doesn't feel as satisfying as having a long
> dependency chain of medium-to-large companies to blame, escalating that
> blame through sclerotic TACs and offshore NOCs. :-)
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