[VoiceOps] Rogers Wireless (Canada) Network Contact

Ivan Kovacevic ivan.kovacevic at startelecom.ca
Mon Jun 22 15:04:37 EDT 2015

Hi Everyone,

Hoping someone is able help here.. Here is what we have run into:

We are experiencing an intermittent issue with calls to Rogers Wireless
subscribers. We use a number of different wholesale carriers, and the issue
is ubiquitous across these carriers and across different interconnects
these carriers use to route calls to Rogers Wireless (SS7, PRI/ISDN). Seems
to point to a problem on the Rogers Wireless network across Canada.

The issue is intermittent enough to probably not generate any subscriber
complaints (estimated below 0.1%), but because we have such a large volume
of calls, it produces a number of complaints from our clients. The issue is
that the caller (our clients) making an outbound call to a Rogers Wireless
customer, does not hear the far end once the call is connected. Ingress
Audio SS7 trace shows very few packets coming in from the Rogers Network
(no packets beyond ringing).

Anyone from Rogers Wireless on the list – or have a contact from someone on
the Rogers Wireless carrier/network teams?

Appreciate any help.

Best Regards,

Ivan Kovacevic

Vice President, Client Services

Star Telecom | www.startelecom.ca | SIP Based Services for Contact Centers
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