[VoiceOps] Need service provider to transfer numbers to.

Pete Mundy pete at fiberphone.co.nz
Mon Nov 2 18:05:31 EST 2015

Heya Bill

Perhaps you've been inundated with better off-list suggestions, but having not seen any on-list traffic I thought I'd reply with a recommendation

Have a look at 2talk.com. We use their New Zealand service (2talk.co.nz) and are pretty happy with it. They have a web interface for literally everything, latency is low (hey, it's NZ ;) and they do a lot of peering :)

The disclaimer is that I have never used their US service before, only their NZ one! So YMMV. But I do thing they're worth investigating.

It would also be worth sending them an e-mail to query the porting costs on such a large number of concurrent ports. They may do you a deal! They have other whitebox and reseller options which may work out cheaper for this number of DDIs too.

Hope this helps :)

Pete Mundy
Nelson, NZ

On 1/11/2015, at 12:14 AM, nanog <nanog at wjp.net> wrote:

> I know this is more of an operations mailing list, but I have recently left a company that has routed my phone numbers for the past 10+ years (as an employee.)
> Does anyone know of a company that can port 10 individual numbers, two 800 numbers, and 200 DID numbers for a low cost and offers:
> - Cheap or low cost porting fees.
> - Forwarding of a single number to multiple destinations (ring all, first one that answers gets the call)
> - Voicemail to email on a number
> - Flat rate or low per minute fees.
> = Web portal to change routing and/or destination numbers.
> - SIP destination for certain numbers.
> These have been personal numbers for many years, just looking for a service provider who can help me keep my phone numbers for the lowest cost possible.
> thanks
> bill
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