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BroadSoft acquired Casabi Networks a few years ago – enabling IP based SMS in their BroadCloud service – which they were launching at the time.  I think they can handle both use cases – they can provide you DID or you can bring your own.


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Who provides the SMS functionality of Broadcloud? Does Broadsoft provide the DID (as I believe BroadCloud is hosted by Broadsoft) or can you uses our own SMS enabled DID provider like Bandwidth.com or Level3? 


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SMS is supported through their BroadCloud service.  I believe if you have BroadWorks you can integrate this portion of BroadCloud as well.





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What options does Broadsoft offer Broadsoft providers for enabling SMS messages? Anything for MMS messages? I know the have the UC-ONE apps, but I am not sure if they support SMS and MMS. 

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