[VoiceOps] Homer vs VoIPMonitor

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Any talk about VoIP monitory doing H.248 and/or NCS?




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So based on everything I am getting from this thread, VoIPMonitor seems to be the way to go. I have not heard too much about homer.


We are evaluating wholesale hosted PBX providers. One has VoIPMonitor integrated into their platform, and the other has Homer built into their platform. Trying to understand if I am at a disadvantage going with the platform that includes homer. 


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I have had experience with Empirix, Palladian and VoIPMonitor.  Both Empirix and Palladian are EXPENSIVE and very hard to Engineer correctly to capture all the messaging.  An under-engineered system will be VERY annoying and a HUGE waste of money.  VoIPMonitor has been extremely valuable, very easy to use, simple to integrate, cost effective and plain old accurate.  For the options available today, I wouldn't go with anything other than VoIPMonitor.



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On 20/11/15 14:22, Colton Conor wrote:
> I believe you are correct that Homer only does SIP, where VoIPMonitor
> does both.
The latest version of homer capture agent can track rtcp:



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