[VoiceOps] Lack of Quality Industry-wide

Nikolay Shopik shopik at inblock.ru
Tue Oct 6 14:25:49 EDT 2015

Maybe its show lack of quality/affordable products in this area
(monitoring voip)?

On 6/10/2015 18:27, Peter Beckman wrote:
> In the last 3 months I've been consistently frustrated by my carriers.
>     "3-4 minutes is acceptable delay for delivery of SMS messages."
>     "Our termination change now throws 504s instead of 503s 20-50% of the
>      time and adds 2-3 seconds of delay to your call attempts. We didn't
>      notice, and though you did, it's been 3 days and we haven't fixed it.
>      Sorry!"
>     "There was an outage? Works for me now!"
>     "Someone upstream is intentionally dropping SMS messages. But we can't
>      say who it is, and we can't get them to fix it because they aren't our
>      carrier."
> Does the industry just suck at knowing when their stuff is broken, or only
> react when enough customers complain? Do carriers simply not instrument,
> monitor or graph metrics of their operations and proactively monitor and
> fix issues?
> My Thresholds:
>     * SMS delivery end-to-end: Under 10 seconds
>     * 503 Route Advance: Under 1 second
>     * Response/Notice to termination/API/origination/server outage: 20
> minutes
>     * Fix a major issue (or provide a fix timeline): 3 days
> Too many times in the last few months _I_ have been the canary in the
> carrier's coal mine bringing attention to places where their operations are
> broken or delayed. And even then, unless I escalate to management (like CEO
> level), things move at the speed of a sloth. Most of the time it seems I
> monitor my carrier's infrastructure more closely than they do.
> I hope and dream of the unicorn carrier -- such great operational awareness
> and execution that it doesn't matter how great their customer service is,
> I'll never have to talk to them.
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