[VoiceOps] WiFi SIP phones recommendations

Paul Timmins paul at timmins.net
Tue Sep 8 15:54:43 EDT 2015

On 09/08/2015 03:43 PM, Alex Balashov wrote:
> On 09/08/2015 03:35 PM, Carlos Alvarez wrote:
>> Every Wifi phone I've tried will roam just fine between APs assuming the
>> APs are properly configured.
> Really? Can this take place seamlessly mid-call? With DHCP? What about 
> DHCP lease acquisition delay?
> Would such a configuration involve merely bridging all the APs onto 
> the same LAN segment so that the same DHCP server feeds them? If so, 
> where's the guarantee that the DHCP server will lease out the same IP 
> address to the client?
> Or is this really a static IP + WAP association-only undertaking?

Why would your client mess with DHCP on roaming? Mine at home never do. 
I roam between 3 of them several times a day, a proper handoff on both 
sides means i don't even realize it happening, let alone re-associate 
with DHCP and all that jazz - it happens at the MAC layer and isn't 
visible to the OS unless it asks the current station BSSID and decides 
to do something about it. "APs properly configured" comes into play here 

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