[VoiceOps] WiFi SIP phones recommendations

Tim Bray tim at kooky.org
Wed Sep 9 08:49:19 EDT 2015

On 08/09/15 21:12, Alex Balashov wrote:
> That makes sense. I'm not sure how "tall" the doughnut created by a
> typical DECT base is.
> What I do know is that in both office buildings where I've used my
> Platronics headset, I can go about two floors down and gain considerable
> lateral distance without issue.
> The point about concrete and rebar is a good one. It makes me wonder
> what ticky-tacky this office building's composed of!

You need to survey.  Anything more than one room.

I've been to 100m by 50m warehouse, installed 4 gigaset C475IP
(predecessor to N300IP) which were just on a shelf above the comms
cabinet in an office in the middle.

The phones worked perfectly everywhere.  We were expecting to at least
have to mount the bases on the office roof.

Equally we've been to places with just a couple of rooms where repeaters
or roaming dect (multi base) have been needed.

Infact I installed a Gigaset N510 and 2 RTX repeaters into a (very)
large house recently.  It didn't strictly need 2 repeaters, but 2
repeaters meant the base station could be more easily accessible if you
need to get to it.  The hand off is perfect, and we go to every corner.
 The same house has 8 unifi base stations to get wireless to all the
corners.  The wifi always dropped while travelling in the lift.  Dect
perfect all the way.  6 phones, 4 SIP accounts, low usage.

I appreciate that this makes it hard to tell the customer what they need
to buy.  Roaming dect kit is more expensive.  And if you don't need
repeaters, multiple small bases usually cheaper than 1 big base.


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