[VoiceOps] AT&T / Onvoy / Vonage call routing screwup after LNP

John Levine johnl at taugh.com
Mon Dec 5 14:30:36 EST 2016

>I do not have inside knowledge as to whether Onvoy appropriately notified Vonage of the port-out, ...

Ah, Vonage.

Back when they were young, they didn't plan adequately for growth so
their service was chaotic and their customer service was worse.  So I
ported my number to another VoIP provider, despite Vonage claiming
that one couldn't do that.  (Presumably in the chaos they neglected to
veto the port-out.)

A little later, I started getting calls from a crabby guy who asked
what I was doing to his daughter.  As it turned out, Vonage lost all
track of the port-out and they assigned my number to a new customer, a
local student.  When she called her father, my number showed up on the
caller ID, when he called that number, he got me.  This was long
enough ago that few people knew about number portability, and in that
era the explanation "her phone company is run by nitwits" did not yet
have the resonance it does today.  I told him to tell her to tell
Vonage to give her another number, but good luck with that.

By fortunate coincidence, I happened to know a member of Vonage's
board of directors, dropped him an e-mail and soon got a lengthy
brown-nosing apology (on my cell phone while in England for
$2/minute.)  Lacking that contact, I expect I'd still be arguing with
her father.


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