[VoiceOps] AT&T / Onvoy / Vonage call routing screwup after LNP

Andrey Slastenov a.slastenov at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 03:39:56 EST 2016

Lol, what a funny story))

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5 дек. 2016 г., в 22:30, John Levine <johnl at taugh.com> написал(а):

>> I do not have inside knowledge as to whether Onvoy appropriately notified Vonage of the port-out, ...
> Ah, Vonage.
> Back when they were young, they didn't plan adequately for growth so
> their service was chaotic and their customer service was worse.  So I
> ported my number to another VoIP provider, despite Vonage claiming
> that one couldn't do that.  (Presumably in the chaos they neglected to
> veto the port-out.)
> A little later, I started getting calls from a crabby guy who asked
> what I was doing to his daughter.  As it turned out, Vonage lost all
> track of the port-out and they assigned my number to a new customer, a
> local student.  When she called her father, my number showed up on the
> caller ID, when he called that number, he got me.  This was long
> enough ago that few people knew about number portability, and in that
> era the explanation "her phone company is run by nitwits" did not yet
> have the resonance it does today.  I told him to tell her to tell
> Vonage to give her another number, but good luck with that.
> By fortunate coincidence, I happened to know a member of Vonage's
> board of directors, dropped him an e-mail and soon got a lengthy
> brown-nosing apology (on my cell phone while in England for
> $2/minute.)  Lacking that contact, I expect I'd still be arguing with
> her father.
> R's,
> John
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