[VoiceOps] Long PDD to Israel

Merve Sahin sahin at eurecom.fr
Fri Dec 23 03:32:14 EST 2016


some aspects of what you describe looks like the effects of Over-The-Top
(OTT) bypass. This is a recent type of interconnect fraud, where regular
international calls are hijacked and terminated on the OTT application
installed on callee's phone.

In this case, the gateway between the bypassing transit operator and
the OTT network may increase the PDD.  However, this effect is usually
concealed with a ring tone. That could explain why you have 20+ seconds
of ring time, but no connection at the other end.

If you would like to read more about this, you can refer to our recent
study on OTT bypass: http://s3.eurecom.fr/docs/ccs16_sahin.pdf

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> Hey guys -- long time no email!
> We've been experiencing super long PDD and connection timeouts dialing +972
> (israel).
> we've sent traffic to bandwidth (10-11 seconds of pdd, followed by ring of
> 20+ seconds and no connection at the other end
> we've sent traffic to L3 direct and its just a little bit better but still
> longer that one would expect.
> i've called several numbers with my ATT mobile (not connected to our switch
> in any way) also long pdd or connection times.
> Does anyone know if something changed within Israel to cause such long
> pdd's?
> seems to be with all many of our carriers.  All other international
> destinations seem to work fine.
> thanks!
> shri
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