[VoiceOps] Voipmonitor Total Registered endpoints graph?

Pete Eisengrein peeip989 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 16:30:10 EST 2016

Hey gang,

After seeing several very positive mentions about Voipmonitor here I have
begun playing with the system. So far, I'm very impressed. The one thing I
can't seem to get from it, though, is a graph of registered endpoints.
Looking to trend the number of registered endpoints over time to show
growth and/or to know something is wrong if we see the count drop off. It
would also be nice to get a chart by UserAgent (I can hack this together
with a csv export if I have to since that is just a point in time thing).

Has anyone come up with a way of doing this?  I appreciate it if you can
point me in the right direction.


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