[VoiceOps] FW: Strange porting issue

Darren Schreiber dschreiber at 2600hz.com
Fri Feb 5 19:41:30 EST 2016

Hi folks,
We have an upstream CLEC who ported a number from us from a LEC I've never heard of. Comes up as "LAFAYETTE CITY-PARISH CONSOLIDATED GOVERNMENT-LA" - OCN 9002 / LATA 488. The upstream provider we use is generally pretty good and insists the port has completed and translations are dropped at the old carrier.

But when we do an LRN query on the number, we get back the same LEC as if the port did not complete.

I'm a bit stumped here. Even more, I can't find any existence of a LEC named Lafayette City yadda yadda yadda ... What's one to do in such a scenario? Anyone ever dealt with this? Is this not even a rural LEC but some sort of government owned municipal LEC?

- Darren

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