[VoiceOps] FW: Strange porting issue

Alex Balashov abalashov at evaristesys.com
Fri Feb 5 19:49:31 EST 2016

Hi Darren,

1. How are you querying the LRN? Are you certain that you are not 
querying a provider who is serving you cached data?

Like it or not, LRN caching is pretty much table stakes in the industry 
for any second-tier provider.

2. Did/can your upstream origination provider disclose to you the 
intended porting target, i.e. the underlying carrier to whom they will 
be porting the number?

3. Is the LRN dip on the number literally returning the same _LRN_ as it 
did before, or is that unknown?

Is it possible that the port was in some way internal to the same 
carrier who owns the number? Some LECs operate different switches for 
different purposes, and, when porting, will port internally? LRNs are 
unique per OCN per LATA, but the point is that it is conceivable the OCN 
would not change in this situation.

-- Alex

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