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Wow.  Try porting a large customer from AT&T... oh, that's not a simple port, that's a project.  And, one number isn't in our database, so we can't do it.  Or, the physical location doesn't match, so we can't do it.

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Our landline ports are instantaneous.  (Or so we think.)  It’s always been that way for us.  I didn’t know there was any other way.
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How do cellular carriers perform almost instant porting of number, and why can't landline providers do the same? For example if I take my Sprint cell phone to an AT&T store, and switch over to AT&T they can do this almost instantly.


I met someone one time at a tradeshow claiming they could do same day porting for landline numbers just as the cellular industry did, but I was not sure how he was doing it or if it was a myth.


I know cell systems are more automated and require a pin. 


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