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Nathan Anderson nathana at fsr.com
Tue Feb 9 17:03:20 EST 2016

Yeah, they are talking about wireless ports, where between carriers, you can achieve same-day FOC within minutes of the end-user requesting a port-out.  So, from the very very beginning to the very very end, it is measured in minutes instead of days.

-- Nathan
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Forget I said anything.  You guys are talking about something different.  I was referring to when our tech goes out to install our phone service, the LOA/FOC process is already complete and we just make a change to NPAC and calls start flowing in.


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If both carriers have a good business relationship and are willing to write matching orders in the NPAC (winning carrier makes the subscriptions, the losing carrier submits concurrence) you can port numbers in literally seconds.

But we're not required to do things that fast so it rarely happens. Why move fast to let our customers leave when we can legally take our time and spend a couple days collecting more revenue from them?

(DEFINITELY not speaking on behalf of my employer!)

On 02/09/2016 04:24 PM, Adam Vocks wrote:
Our landline ports are instantaneous. (Or so we think.) Its always been that way for us. I didnt know there was any other way.
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How do cellular carriers perform almost instant porting of number, and why can't landline providers do the same? For example if I take my Sprint cell phone to an AT&T store, and switch over to AT&T they can do this almost instantly.
I met someone one time at a tradeshow claiming they could do same day porting for landline numbers just as the cellular industry did, but I was not sure how he was doing it or if it was a myth.
I know cell systems are more automated and require a pin.


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