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Market positions change, and one year your on top in a given market, and then the next year your down.

I think that building the automation and good faith, go longer in ensuring a positive customer experience in both the loosing carrier as well as the winning carrier.

A customer may leave your wireless service because of price or phone/feature, and you may get them back if you offer a better price and/or feature, but if you block the port out and play hard ball, you will probably never win them back.

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I think the incentive is to cooperate because it is a relatively small group of wireless carriers compared to wireline.

The main reason being that they don't want their ports held up, so they work well with others.

Also since there is a small group they could automate the back office processes between them and submit the request and aknowledgment quickly and without human interaction.

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This does raise, in light of the OP, the question of what economic or
political incentive wireless carriers have to cooperate in relatively
seamless porting to/from each other.

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